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Murdoch ENT is the oldest and longest established ENT service south of the river. Our philosophy is a simple one. Patients come first. This has helped us develop a reputation for a standard of care which we are extremely proud of.  Murdoch ENT has developed from a single practitioner to a multi-disciplinary team of doctors, audiologists, speech and swallowing therapists. This allows us the flexibility to constantly evolve and provide the latest and best standard of care for our patients.

We are happy to see all conditions related to the ear, nose and throat region. This includes the neck, thyroid and salivary gland swellings.

We endeavour to accommodate paediatric appointments as soon as possible on GP referral. Our doctors work as a team. All are experienced in treating adult and paediatric ENT conditions. If the nominated doctor is unavailable, all our doctors at Murdoch ENT are equally adept at the management of paediatric and adult conditions. This will help facilitate early appointments.

Hearing assessment is available for both children (7 months and above) and adult patients. This is Medicare rebatable. We endeavor to provide a single appointment for hearing and specialist assessments for the convenience of patients.

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All our surgeons have extensive experience with paediatric ENT conditions.  Our primary lead surgeon in this division is Jenn Ha. Her special interest is paediatric voice and airway disorders.  She has written extensively and presented at international meetings on those subjects. Her current research interest is vocal cord reanimation with nerve transfer phonosurgical techniques. Jenn is keen to expand our children’s services particularly in relation to otitis media, glue ear and hearing loss in children.  She works closely with our paediatric audiologists. Jenn has a strong research and mentor role at Perth Children’s Hospital.  Robert Wormald is dual fellowship qualified with experience in airway management for both adult and paediatric group of patients.  Peadiatric ENT conditions remain a large part of general ENT practice.  Murdoch ENT recognises the importance of this group of patients in a number of unique ways:

  1. Lydia Lai our audiologist was part of the department of audiology at Princess Margaret Hospital for Children and is very experienced in testing children’s hearing. Murdoch ENT can provide a service to test children’s hearing from roughly 7 months and upwards.
  2. Hearing tests can usually be provided on the day of consultation adding to convenience, rapid diagnosis and decision planning.
  3. Endoscopic examination can be performed as an outpatient procedure to assess their airway.
  4. The anaesthetists who work will all our surgeons are fully qualified, experienced and regularly anesthetise children.
  5. Uninsured patients can be seen at Murdoch ENT and waitlisted for surgery at government hospitals such as Perth Children’s, Fiona Stanley and Armadale Kelmscott hospitals. This will negate the need for families to wait for an appointment to be seen at the respective hospital outpatient clinics.
  • Adenoid enlargement/ blocked nose
  • Tonsillitis/ throat infections
  • Obstructive sleep and snoring
  • Ear infections
  • Glue ears/ hearing loss
  • Allergic rhinitis
  • Airway, voice and swallow disorders
  • Head and neck masses

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  • Nose and sinus complaints conditions
  • Tonsillitis
  • Snoring and sleep apnoea
  • Hearing impairment, ear infections, middle ear implant surgery
  • Voice and swallowing disorders
  • Head and neck, skull base tumours
  • Thyroid, salivary gland disease

Our surgeons all have extensive experience in dealing with adult ENT conditions.  Mr Aanand Acharya is our lead surgeon specialising in otology or diseases related to the ear. His area of interest is middle ear implant surgery, cochlear implants and laser stapedotomy for otosclerosis.  Aanand has completed an extensive fellowship and continues to supervise research projects in relation to otology at Fiona Stanley Hospital.  He is part of the multidisciplinary team of the otology and implant service at Fiona Stanley Hospital. Aanand is also dedicated to teaching and is the supervisor of training at Royal Perth Hospital.

Mr Rob Wormald is our lead head and neck surgeon.  He is currently the most active member of the head and neck unit at Fiona Stanley Hospital and is a crucial member of the multidisciplinary team of the head and neck unit at the hospital.   His interest is thyroid surgery but is well qualified and experienced to deal with all benign and malignant conditions of the head and neck region.  Rob also has an interest in teaching and is the supervisor of junior medical staff at FSH department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery.

All our surgeons have extensive experience in rhinology. This remains the commonest condition we see in adults here at Murdoch ENT.  Sinusitis, nasal obstruction, snoring, sleep apnoea and allergies are conditions all our surgeons are well trained to diagnose and treat.

Mr Paul Yuen is our senior and most experienced surgeon at Murdoch ENT.  He was the head and neck surgeon at Royal Perth and Fremantle Hospital in the 90s and has treated children and adults from the southern suburbs over the past twenty-three years.   He has maintained a keen interest and continues to see paediatric ENT, general otology, rhinology and head and neck conditions. He has only recently stepped down as the Chairman of the West Australian division of the Australian Society of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery. He was the inaugural head of department of Otolaryngology at St John of God Murdoch Hospital.   Paul remains the Head of department of ENT surgery at Fiona Stanley Hospital.  He is currently the lead of our outreach project to expand clinic locations. This will facilitate easier access for patients seeking appointments closer to home.  Clinics are now available in Mandurah and Armadale.

  • Hearing tests as per current
  • Speech and swallowing services
  • Satellite clinics Armadale and Mandurah
  • GP education seminars, lunch and learn sessions